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Correlations between cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, anti-ganglioside antibodies, electrodiagnostic findings and functional status in Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Aliakbar Taheraghdam; Peyman Pourkhanjar; Mahnaz Talebi; Mohammadreza Bonyadi; Ali Pashapour; Ehsan Sharifipour; Reza Rikhtegar

Volume 13, Issue 1 , March 2014, , Pages 7-12

  Background: Due to underlying autoimmune background of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), the possible role of infectious agents cytomegalovirus  (CMV) and  Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and also due to association  of anti-ganglioside antibodies with GBS, the present study aimed to investigate the  associations   ...  Read More

Comparing the efficacy of botulinum toxin with tizanidine in upper limb post stroke spasticity.

Mohammad Yazdchi; Zahra Ghasemi; Hanieh Moshayedi; Reza Rikhtegar; Somayeh Mostafayi; Hale Mikailee; Safa Najmi

Volume 12, Issue 2 , June 2013, , Pages 47-50

  Background: This study evaluated the efficacy of focal intramuscular injection of botulinum (BoNT) toxin type A in comparison with oral tizanidine (TZD) in treatment of post-stroke upper limb spasticity.Methods: This was a double-blinded randomized clinical trial that recruited 68 patients with post-stroke ...  Read More

Frequency of microembolic signals in patients with acute ischemic stroke in middle cerebral artery territory treated with aspirin or clopidogrel.

Mazyar Hashemilar; Mehdi Farhoudi; Samane Hosseini; Hanieh Moshayedi; Dariush Savadi Oskoui; Behzad Eskandar Oghli; Reza Rikhtegar

Volume 10, 1-2 , June 2011, , Pages 16-8

  Background: In patients with acute stroke and middle cerebral artery (MCA) stenosis, microembolic signals (MES) can predict further cerebral ischemia. Therefore, this study was designed to evaluate the prevalence of MES by transcranial Doppler (TCD) in patients with MCA stenosis under treatment of aspirin ...  Read More