1. Hyperlipidemia in migraine: Is it more frequent in migraineurs?

Alia Saberi; Hamid Reza Hatamian; Ehsan Kazemnejad; Nasim Ghorbannejad

Volume 10, 3-4 , Autumn 2011, , Pages 46-50

  Background: Some coincidental disorders with migraine have been introduced that may have role in its pathogenesis or aggravation. In this study we determined the relative frequency of hyperlipidemia as a coincidental disorder in patients affected by migraine.Methods: A total of 102 migraine-affected ...  Read More

2. The relationship between magnesium level and first 72 hours Rankin score and Rankin score in 1 week after an ischemic stroke.

Alia Saberi; Hamid Reza Hatamian; Keyvan Esmaeilzadeh; Abtin Heydarzadeh

Volume 10, 1-2 , Spring 2011, , Pages 26-8

  Background: We intended to investigate the serum magnesium impact upon the disability after ischemic stroke.Methods: A total of 67 ischemic stroke patients who less than 6 hours had passed from their attacks participated in this cross sectional study. We have measured their serum magnesium level and ...  Read More