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Special Articles
The effects of body mass index on the treatment of the patients with migraine headaches.

Siamak Afshinmajd; Ali Davati; Farnaz Akbari

Volume 10, 3-4 , December 2011, Pages 35-8

  Background: Migraine is a prevalent disease which is classified into two groups of migraine with aura and without aura. Eighteen percent of women and 6.5 percent of men in United States have migraine headache. Migraine headache is prevalent in all age groups but it usually subsides in adults above fifty. ...  Read More

Special Articles
Comparison of validity and reliability of the Migraine disability assessment (MIDAS) versus headache impact test (HIT) in an Iranian population.

Abbas Ghorbani; Ahmad Chitsaz

Volume 10, 3-4 , December 2011, Pages 39-42

  Background: Migraine is one of the most common headaches that affect 11% or more adult population. Recently, researchers have designed two questionnaires, namely Headache Impact Test (HIT) and Migraine Disability Assessment (MIDAS), with the aim of improving migraine care. These two tests provide a standard ...  Read More

Special Articles
Perceived impact of epilepsy in teaching hospitals of Tehran University.

Mahmoud Motamedi; Mohammad Ali Sahraian; Sasan Moshirzadeh

Volume 10, 3-4 , December 2011, Pages 43-5

  Background: Epileptic seizures would result in embarrassment in society and have some negative impact on the patients' social activities. The aim of this study was to show the perceived impact of epilepsy by patients on different aspect of their social activities including occupation, marriage and education.Methods: ...  Read More

Special Articles
Hyperlipidemia in migraine: Is it more frequent in migraineurs?

Alia Saberi; Hamid Reza Hatamian; Ehsan Kazemnejad; Nasim Ghorbannejad

Volume 10, 3-4 , December 2011, Pages 46-50

  Background: Some coincidental disorders with migraine have been introduced that may have role in its pathogenesis or aggravation. In this study we determined the relative frequency of hyperlipidemia as a coincidental disorder in patients affected by migraine.Methods: A total of 102 migraine-affected ...  Read More

Special Articles
Effect of treating helicobacter pylori infection on seizure frequency in patients with refractory epilepsy.

Ali Akbar Asadi-Pooya; Seyed Mohsen Dehghani; Mehrdad Emami

Volume 10, 3-4 , December 2011, Pages 51-3

  Background: The main purpose of the current study was to determine the effect of treating helicobacter pylori (HP) infection on seizure frequency in patients with refractory epilepsy.Methods: A small sample of adult patients above 18 years of age with a diagnosis of refractory epilepsy was studied at ...  Read More

Special Articles
Four cases of brown-vialetto-van laere syndrome from Iran: Clinical and electrophysiologic findings.

Samira Yadegari; Askar Ghorbani; Mitra Ansari Dezfouli; Shahriar Nafissi

Volume 10, 3-4 , December 2011, Pages 54-7

  Brown-Vialetto-Van Laere syndrome (BVVLS) is a rare neurological disorder. We report our finding about four patients clinically and electrophysiologically diagnosed as BVVLS and denoted their clinical features with comparison to previous reports. The first symptom was bilateral hearing loss and the onset ...  Read More