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Original Article
Factors associated with the number of months of delaying in multiple sclerosis diagnosis: Comparison of count regression models

Abolfazl Hosseinnataj; Roya Nikbakht; Seyed Nouraddin Mousavinasab; Sharareh Eskandarieh; Mohammad Ali Sahraian; Seyed Mohammad Baghbanian

Volume 22, Issue 2 , April 2023, Pages 65-71


  Background: It may take a long time to diagnose multiple sclerosis (MS) since the emergence of primary symptoms. This study aimed to use count regression models to compare their fit and to identify factors affecting delay in the diagnosis of MS.Methods: Data were collected from the Nationwide MS Registry ...  Read More

Original Article
Waterpipe and cigarette smoking and drug and alcohol consumption, and the risk of primary progressive multiple sclerosis: A population-based case-control study

Seyyed Hosein Mortazavi; Abdorreza Naser Moghadasi; Amir Almasi-Hashiani; Mohammad Ali Sahraian; Hooman Goudarzi; Sharareh Eskandarieh

Volume 22, Issue 2 , April 2023, Pages 72-81


  Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic central nervous system disease, and primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) is one the main types of MS, which has unknown environmental risk factors.   The present study was conducted with the aim to identify the association of waterpipe and ...  Read More

Original Article
Fear of re-infection, relapse, and anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic in patients with multiple sclerosis: A multi-center study

Abdorreza Naser Moghadasi; Saeed Vaheb; Sara Hamtaei-Ghashti; Aysa Shaygannejad; Mozhdeh Askari; Vahid Shaygannejad; Mohmmad Ali Sahraian; Mahsa Ghajarzadeh

Volume 22, Issue 2 , April 2023, Pages 82-86


  Background: Fear of relapse and re-infection during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic can affect people with chronic relapsing diseases, such as multiple sclerosis (MS). We evaluated fear of re-infection, anxiety, and relapse during the COVID-19 pandemic in Iranian people with MS.Methods: ...  Read More

Original Article
Association of dietary patterns with migraine: A matched case-control study

Fahimeh Martami; Mansoureh Togha; Mostafa Qorbani; Donya Shahamati; Zhaleh Salami; Sakineh Shab-Bidar

Volume 22, Issue 2 , April 2023, Pages 87-95


  Background: Little is known about the association between dietary patterns and odds of migraine. We aimed to investigate the association between posteriori dietary patterns and migraine odds and migraine-related outcomes using principal component analysis (PCA).Methods: A total of 500 participants enrolled ...  Read More

Original Article
Iranian specialists’ approach to surgery in patients with multiple sclerosis

Fereshteh Ghadiri; Zahra Ebadi; Elnaz Asadollahzadeh; Mohammad Ali Sahraian; Amirreza Azimi; Samira Navardi; Hora Heidari; Zohreh Abna; Marzieh Aboutorabi; Iman Adibi; Seyed Mohammad Baghbanian; Sepideh Paybast; Maryam Poursadeghfard; Samaneh Hosseini; Sareh Shahmohammadi; Mehran Ghaffari; Hamidreza Ghalyanchi-Langroodi; Masoud Ghiasian; Hoda Kamali; Ebrahim Kouchaki; Farzad Mehrabi; Ehsan Mohammadianinejad; Mohammad Ali Nahayati; Abdorreza Naser Moghadasi

Volume 22, Issue 2 , April 2023, Pages 96-102


  Background: Data on perioperative risk stratification in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) are limited. In this regard, the present study was conducted to investigate Iranian specialists’ approach to surgical counseling for patients with MS (PwMS).Methods: 21 MS specialists were asked about ...  Read More

Original Article
Epidemiological parameters of multiple sclerosis in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran

Mohammad Amin Omrani; Asghar Bayati; Mohammad Ali Sahraian; Sharareh Eskandarieh

Volume 22, Issue 2 , April 2023, Pages 103-109


  Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease with a high burden and disability. There are reports of various medications’ side effects on patients with MS. The aim of the study is to determine the characteristics and medicine usage distribution among patients with MS in Chaharmahal ...  Read More

Review Article
Alternate dosing of fingolimod in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: A systematic review

Fereshteh Ghadiri; Omid Mirmosayyeb; Mohammad Ali Sahraian; Abdorreza Naser Moghadasi; Mahsa Ghajarzadeh

Volume 22, Issue 2 , April 2023, Pages 110-114


  Background: Fingolimod is approved in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) with the recommended dose of 0.5 mg daily. To tackle possible adverse events, some clinicians may reduce the dose of fingolimod, mainly in the alternate-day form. We systematically reviewed the literature for efficacy ...  Read More

Review Article
Adverse side effects of Glatiramer acetate and Interferon beta-1a in patients with multiple sclerosis: A systematic review of case reports

Mohsen Rastkar; Mahsa Ghajarzadeh; Mohammad Ali Sahraian

Volume 22, Issue 2 , April 2023, Pages 115-136


  Background: Glatiramer acetate (GA) and Interferon (IFN) beta-1a are used as first-line disease-modifying treatments for multiple sclerosis (MS). In this systematic review, we summarized case reports and case series of adverse side effects of GA and IFN beta-1a in MS patients.Methods: Without any restrictions, ...  Read More